The Dirty D

Hey Guys

It’s your girl J-Sims and I just came to drop some good WOOD pun intended. It has just been V-Day and maybe you are sour cause you had kitty date. Well Put away the ice cream and dry up your tears.

You are going to need the following

  • Bottle of Chilled White Wine (Robertsons Winery)
  • Flower Petals (Tear up any roses)
  • Bath Bombs (Enhance Me)
  • Strawberries (Any exotic fruit will do but avoid the Banana)
  • Scented candles (Lemongrass is recommended for it’s relaxing and healing properties)
  • Hot Bath … Derr


Now Follow very carefully.

The Set Up

This is step one on this awesome you date. Ensure you clean and tidy up your entire place. That’s right pick up those socks laying on the floor. Nothing worse than waking up to a messy dirty place tomorrow morning.

Get the wine early in the morning or the night before and ensure it is refrigerated for at least 6 hours to guarantee you get the right buzz going. Lay out the fruits on a beautiful platter. Place some candles. Be very careful as a crispy fried you is just not going to cut it.

Organise your flower petals. Ensure that all the stems have been removed. You don’t want any nasty unexpected pokey surprise. This is not that kind of party. I usually rince them to make sure all the stems and mall stones are completely gone.

Running the bath

This is the critical part. Remember this is a pleasure bath not a quick scrub and dub. The water needs to sufficiently warm to ensure a long lasting feeling of satisfaction. I ususally fill up the tub to about 65% hot water with the cold filling up the rest.

With the bath water filled to the brim drop in your bath bombs. This fun and exciting treat will add the sparkle and fizzle to your bath. If you have never heard of Bath bombs; you live under a rock and don’t deserve to feel loved. Lol only kidding… Bath bombs are little effervescent balls that add scent, color and foam to your bath water. Not to mention soothing sensual oils.

Feel free to let your soul loose with the petals at this stage. Loosely scatter them in every which direction until you are satisfied.

 Body suit time, Whoop Whoop

Before we can dip our little toes we need to first do some prep. I say take a quick shower then shave everything. Underarms, legs, and especially that secret dungeon of yours.

You are ready

Pour yourself a good glass and soak in. Let you thoughts wander but always remember what a tasty beast you are. Roll around for about 40 minutes or until the bottle is defeated.

Then dry up and snuggle into bed.

Repeat this everyday and very soon you’ll be snuggling up to Mr handsome pants in no time. The secret to companionship starts with self appreciation and self love.

God Bless and Double Dip – JWS





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