I am VR now!!!

Hey girls

I have been MIA for some time now but now I am back in full force (storm trooper like) in dazzling and immersive virtual reality. I know I know it is quite a lot to take in but if you hold my hand boo boo, I will be your sensei.

Let us start right at the beginning.

Where ya been at Julz?

This past 12 months has been full of new experiences and growth; personally,  professionally and emotionally. That is right y’all I am tripple threat now. I have learned so much about myself, what I like and what motivates me. I have dived head first into a spiritual awakening I tell you but we will get to that all in due time.

Lets get virtual, shall we

Virtual reality (VR) is a computer-generated artificial environment that allows a user to view, explore, and manipulate the environment. It is an immersive environment and boy oh boy is it epic. It has steadily been on the rise for the past 3 years but has become mainstream of late.

That definition is a little restricted though. So yes you maybe wondering why an artificial fantasy land should entice you. We’ll quite simply the fact that VR has ushered in a new medium for content. The 360 degree era has arrived.

That is right I am taking 360 degree video, games, selfies and even porn. A new genre of porn to be exact. Female POV is a new focus for the studios (feminist Whoop Whoop!). All jokes aside this new medium for consuming content is truly exciting.

What should you do?

We’ll for starters you need a VR headset, an entry level Google cardboard headset should do the trick or if you are a little more fancy the Samsung galaxy Gear VR is great. obviously there are plenty other options to suit your price points from Oculus to HTC Vive, all with differing options.

What if cardboard is not for you? We’ll that is where the excitement comes in. My big boss has been working on a way to enjoy all the benefits of VR in your web browser and it  is quite a peach. Take a look at it VR experience Don’t even get me started on Augmented Reality and what it will bring.

Ciao for now


p.s. make sure to navigate to the video section of the website to truly enjoy the immersive content


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