He loves me.. He loves me not?

We have all been there, this extremely charmingly hot guy at work, school or just the coffee shop keeps giving me attention. He cant really be interested in me could he? No way not with that 34 Double D girl over there, Right?

Yes, he isn’t unless of cause he is.

How do know and more than that what do you do about it? Not to worry Julia has your back. I will outline the 3 tell tale signs a guy is into you.

  1. He simply talks to you and not in that creepy I am a zombie and I eat panties for breakfast lunch and supper kind of “hey gurl” type of way. No no, I am referring here to the guy who simply wants to talk to you, converse and genuinely wants to know what you have to say and what you think.
    • So what do you do?
      1. Nothing silly like tell him about that one time you went on summer camp and ended up pooping your pants. Not that Kind of party.
      2. Pay attention, don’t daydream about the white picket fence and the names you’ll name your children. Stay in the moment. Light hearted relevant convo. If you feel yourself wondering into the psycho zone, count to 3 before answering a question. NB: in your head dumb dumb we don’t want him thinking you are slow now do we?
      3. Critical rule: Do not argue. A man wants to feel challenged but he doesn’t want to feel like he’s lost the game from the first whistle. Don’t be a push over either. Pick your battles this is Thongs vs G – String time.
  2. He notices your absence or waits for you at the special meeting spot you guys have, maybe it is the water cooler or the bus stop either way if a man is willing to take time out of his day to coincidentally bump into more than two times in one week. He wants you
    • What do you do?
      1. Again play it cool and agree what a great coincidence this is knowing full well you been stalking him all morning long.
      2. Keep the conversation going and remember little things from prior meetings like his NAME!!! Don’t be that girl
  3. He asks you out or to go somewhere with him. Plain and simple this is guy language for “hey, I am enjoying your conversation so much I want it to continue”
    • What do you do?
      1. Don’t think he’s trying to marry or kidnap you or something. Remember use your numbers. Be in the moment and enjoy the conversation.
      2. If you like him don’t every say no or play hard to get that only happens in the movies, rejection is hard on the sorry souls.
      3. Laugh at his jokes.

We have covered the 3 basic signs he is into you. Play your cards right and you’ll be smiling all the way to pound town. Remember your numbers, remember his name and lugh at his jokes.

God Bless and Double Dip – JWS



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